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Zombie Apocalypse:  The Chad Halverson Series

Cover image of Zombie Apocalypse: The Chad Halverson Series
Zombie apocalypse.
What does the government know?  What aren't they telling the people?
CIA black ops agent Chad Halverson knows how to play dirty. He knows how to win.
He also knows some of the government's darkest secrets, and the government is out to get him.
Halverson struggles to survive during a zombie apocalypse and find out what precipitated the annihilation of mankind as we know it.  Is the government responsible for the plague or is the cause something more sinister?  
For the first time anywhere, the Zombie Apocalypse omnibus boxed set includes the complete and unabridged editions of the five Chad Halverson books in chronological order:  Zombie Maelstrom, Zombie Necropolis, Sanctuary in Steel, Kill Ratio, and Poxland.

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    Written with the epic scope of 'World War Z' and infused with the gritty spook works derring-do of a Robert Ludlum spy thriller, 'Sanctuary in Steel' is full of zombie mayhem through and through."--Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Flesh Eaters.

    The superabundant gore carries implications of human-zombie moral equivalence, a notion extended by the crucifixion of zombies."--Publishers Weekly

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